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        2. New Projects
          Talents Principle

          high quality service, high quality talent we adhere to the principle of fair and healthy competition, for each talent to provide excellent job development...

          About DLT
          DLT Technology Co. , Ltd(The Former company name:Foshan DLT Technology Co. , Ltd) is a hi-tech enterprise focusing on the research, design, manufacture and service of drying and firing equipment including complete plant turn-key projects in the field of building and sanitaryware ceramics as well as roofing tiles, tableware, sanitaryware, foam ceramics, water permeable bricks, special-purposed kilns and lithium batteries for new-energy automobiles. DLT adheres to the operation principle of “Big platform, new standard and go further” with a team of professional and experienced engineers and technicians from the ceramic industry, among which more than 80% boast decades of experience in the industry, having worked for some well-known domestic 
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          Add:No.25(8F), Zone C, Sanshui Technology Industry Zone, Foshan, Guangdong.
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